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Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on top of mount Sinai

Disclaimer for the art section Since this is my first post in the art section of my blog, let me start with some general remarks. Art. So I'm an artist now? I would not necessarily say so. But in recent... Continue Reading →

Mensacard Hack Pt. III – Arduino and conclusion

In this final part of the Mensacard hack trilogy, I will present the results of the Cordova app and use an Arduino NFC shield to read the cards information. To make a long story short, it's not trivial to access... Continue Reading →

How much computer skills does a physicist need?

Computational skills are something almost every scientist has to offer nowadays. But unfortunately the least of us are actually trained in it. So most colleges (including me) took the autodidactic approach, a long road full of detours and wasted effort.... Continue Reading →

Mensacard Hack Pt. II – Ionic

In a nutshell In this post unfortunately I will not be able to tell you more exciting stuff about the card itself nor about the app reading/writing it. Instead I will provide you with some insights into the Cordova-based framework... Continue Reading →

Mensacard Hack Pt. I – setup

In this little series I will try to duplicate the RFID based card of my local cafeteria. On the way I will explore many nice tools and frameworks like the Android SDK, Apache Cordova, JavaScript based app programming, NFC/RFID technology,... Continue Reading →


In my first blog post I will cover my R package vasp2R I finished polishing just yesterday. It is about my endeavors to create some neat plots of the results obtained using the proprietary DFT program VASP one and a... Continue Reading →

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