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On the quest for the perfect sound and recording experience in Linux.

What spectra do tell us – the impact of the amp and the microphone

One of the most important tools in digital signal processing, if not THE most important one, is the spectral analysis. In this post I discuss what it might unveil about the recording procedure. Should I just use the line-out of... Continue Reading →

Spectral analysis for Non Timeline or JACK

A very important part of digital signal processing (DSP) as well as music processing is to analyze the spectrum and the spectrogram of your recording. Even Audacity already can handle it. So let's use it with Non Timeline or a... Continue Reading →

Using ZynAddSubFX as sound synthesizer in TuxGuitar

Although not as good as the original GuitarPro, I really like TuxGuitar. After all, it is the only usable software to produce guitar tabs and scores in Linux systems I'm aware of. But of all its shortcomings the issues I... Continue Reading →

Recording audio using Linux systems II – the Linux sound servers

After we got an overview about the peculiarities of the Linux system with respect to audio and recording in the last post we will dive some more into the Linux sound system itself. As for most other Linux subsystems the... Continue Reading →

Recording audio using Linux systems

As much as I love the Linux system, its incredible amount of free and open-source software and distributions, and the whole supportive community providing awesome documentation etc., the much pain it was to migrate all my music recording and mixing... Continue Reading →

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